In a world that is increasingly atomized into our lower case digital boxes and isolation, spaces like theatres and galleries and performance art spaces that actually privilege real time presence of our human tribe will be more and more crucial.

Tim Millar , New York, Jan 04.

Nottdance stands firmly behind these prophetic words and in its own way attempts with every coming year to re-examine the constantly changing landscape of dance and performance and its relevance to the world we live in.

The intelligence of the body, the shifting relationship between artist and audience and the convergence of different ideas and art forms fuelled by a desire for greater honesty on stage, are the hallmarks of this year’s festival. From Jérôme Bel’s cast of 20 to a unique performance by babies for parents directed by Tom Morris and Guy Dartnell, our programme of national and international work aims to pay equal attention to the small-scale and intimate through to the large-scale event with a chorus of performers.

We will also be presenting new work from artists whose names have become synonymous with nottdance such as Déjà donné and Willi Dorner. To this we have added new faces: Lawrence Goldhuber (US), Litó Walkey (DE), Rosalind Crisp (AU) and from the UK Sophia Clist and Cathrin Long.

As ever we want you, our audience, to play an active role. Ask questions, contribute idea and offer feedback throughout three weeks in our post show discussions, artist dialogues, and the nottdance e-group.

With a programme of exceptional work for you to enjoy, we look forward to welcoming you to this year’s nottdance.

Jane Greenfield

Artistic Director


Nottdance 2004 includes works by :

Cathrin Long (UK)

Déjá Donné (CZ /IT)

Donald Hutera / h2dance (UK)

Jérôme Bel (FR)

Lawrence Goldhuber (US)

Litó Walkey (DE)

Matt McCormick and Peripheral Produce (US)

New Art Club (UK)

Rosalind Crisp (AU)

Sophia Clist (UK)

Tom Morris & Guy Dartnell (UK)

Willi Dorner Back To Return (AS)

Xavier Le Roy (FR/DE)

      Home Page Image : Willi Dorner- back to return- Photo Credit- Lisa Rastl

About Page Image : Sophia Clist – Stretch – Photo Credit – Justin Piperger